Meet Our Team

Dr John and Sheree opened Seaside Vets back in May 2013 and we have been expanding ever since. 

For us its all about the people and their pets. "We want a meaningful relationship where we treat our patients and clients as our own family, we want to build the Seaside Vet community as a happy one which is a great place to be a part of"


Dr John Carles

Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery)

Dr John has called Yorke Peninsula home since 1994. He grew up in Perth and graduated from Vet School in 1989. 

John is not only the practice owner but is a very skilled surgeon. He performs advanced knee reconstruction techniques, as well as many other facets of orthopaedic surgery. 

A highlight of his career was becoming a flying vet visiting Leigh Creek, Roxby Downs and other outback communities

John is also the owner of our beautiful clinic dog Zoe, who you may have seen around the clinic.


Dr Prue Hicks

Veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

Dr Prue grew up on the Yorke Peninsula and after graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2015 she returned back home to join the team.

She likes to keep busy outside of work and is heavily involved with the Kadina Netball Club, as well as helping out with the Yorke Peninsula netball association.

Dr Prue has talents other than being a great Veterinarian and is very creative and is able to make beautiful handmade Kokedma's, One of her creations is sitting in our front consult room. If you would like further information about these search 'Ivy Wraps' on Facebook.

Prue has a cheeky cat named Elsa who she rescued from the clinic.

Dr Grace Chapman

Veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

Dr Grace grew up on a farm near Orroroo and graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2018.

Recently Dr Grace purchased a place in the area and is enjoying the sea change and being so close to the beach, however is now kept busy renovating.

She plays netball for the Kadina Netball club along with Dr Prue and enjoys anything sport or the outdoors

Grace currently has a working Kelpie who lives out the farm, but tends to enjoy chasing his own shadow rather than the sheep

Sheree Moroney

Practice Manager (Diploma of Veterinary Nursing)

Sheree became a veterinary nurse in 1994 and completed her Diploma in 2001

Sheree lives at Tickera and enjoys time with her extended family (including 8 grandkids), cooking, the beach, going to the grandkids sports, her pets and her garden.

She has been a practice manager since joining forces with John 20 years ago, and is a superb organiser and leader. She loves a joke and her laugh can be heard blocks away making Seaside Vets a happy surgery to be a part of for everyone.


Tahlia Moss

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV of Veterinary Nursing)

Tahlia completed her Diploma of Animal Technology and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

She has been at the clinic since the beginning and is a cheery member of our team. Running puppy preschool classes, looking after stray kittens and helping with anaesthesia and surgery.

Tahlia has 2 spoilt cats and a dog at home and would have even more if allowed

Pam Farley

Veterinary Nurse (Diploma of Veterinary Nursing)

Pam has 30 years experience as a veterinary nurse and has worked with John and Sheree for the past 20.

Skilled in all facets of surgical nursing, Pam provides outstanding hospital care to her patients.

She is surrounded at home by her menagerie of animals and horses and loves getting out on the water kayaking

Lauren Lewis

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV of Veterinary Nursing)

Lauren loves being a vet nurse, has a very infectious smile and manages to brighten the whole clinic

She has a special interest in surgical nursing and if Zoe ever went missing Lauren's would be the first place we would search.

Lauren has her own playful kitten named Franklin who gets along well with Zoe when she comes around for sleep overs.

Stef Hage

Trainee Nurse (Enrolled in Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Stef is our newest team member, you may recognise her from the Patio where she once worked as a chef.

After always having a love for animals, she decided to make a career out of it and has landed her with us.

She has settled in very well and is currently completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Stef has a few pets including a 80kg Mastiff named Buddy and a Fox Terrier, Yoshi.

Jo Kittel

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV of Veterinary Nursing)

Jo works part time, but is a very experienced veterinary nurse and has worked in the industry for over 15 years. 

She is always smiling and has a very good attitude towards her work and others.

Jo has a few different pets including a dog named Molly, a horse and a beloved eclectus parrot.


Client Relations

Zoe is our beautiful clinic dog and for a 3yo is very docile and extremely tolerant of us all fussing over her

She helps to keep your pets calm when they come into the clinic and is always up for cuddles.

But don't be fooled by her calm demeanor in the clinic, take her down the beach with a ball and her true Border Collie nature comes out.

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